Hermes Bolide Runway Bag Shark Monster Unisex Blue Indigo Limited Edition



Rare and very limited edition Blue Indigo Shark Bolide is detailed by beautiful inset leather and top stitch detailing.

This runway Monster Bolide is a testament to Hermes sense of mobility and speed expressed in this fun, iconic creation!

Comes with lock, key, clochette, sleeper and signature Hermes box.

With a long and storied history, the Bolide (French word for meteor) was designed for the wife of Emile-Maurice Hermes in the early 20s and named for the first era of fast cars. It was also the first bag to incorporate the use of a zipper. The elegant Bolide is the prelude to customized luggage and accessories for travel by Hermes. In 1982, the Bolide handbag was created and has become associated with understated elegance and sophistication.


  • Length 45 cm
  • Tall 36 cm
  • Deep 25 cm
  • Handles: Tall 12 cm

 Condition: New