Hermès Birkin Bag 30cm Himalayan Crocodile with Diamond Encrusted Hardware and Kelly GM Himalayan Diamond Bracelet



Collectors, this is it!  Look no further, the most important handbag offering in history has officially hit the market.  Absolutely breathtaking and spectacular, the Diamond Himalayan Birkin is teaming up with the matching Kelly GM Himalayan Diamond Bracelet, as the most coveted and important duo to reach the luxury market, EVER!
The magnificent 30cm Himalayan Crocodile Birkin features 18K white gold and diamond encrusted hardware, totaling 8.2 carats.  The matching Kelly GM bracelet also features white gold hardware and is adorned with 6.75 total carats of diamonds.  The two together are an absolute power statement that cannot be replicated and will likely never be sold again.
The rare and coveted Hermès Himalayan Birkin is the most sought after handbag in the world. In white matte niloticus crocodile, the skin goes through an incredibly labor intensive process, so the ombre resembles that of the Himalayan Mountains. The coloration and scales on this Himalayan duo are the best that experts have ever seen.
Both items are brand new in their original special diamond Himalayan boxes.  This birkin is new with plastic on the hardware and comes with the deluxe Hermès box designed for the diamond Himalayan, dustbag and rain cover. This rare Himalayan features front toggle closure and clochette with lock and keys, all made of white gold and diamonds.  Additionally, the Kelly GM bracelet is composed of the same niloticus crocodile with matching white gold hardware adorned with diamonds.
These are two of the most awe-inspiring pieces that Hermès has ever created. It is the crown jewel of birkins, paired with the most rare and exquisite diamond niloticus crocodile Himalayan bracelet.
Do not wait, this opportunity will never come again.
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